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Open Fencing

Drop-in Program

To sign up for a fencing class or our team program, please fill out a form.
We don't require any forms if you are coming to fence during our drop-in daily program, so come in and start fencing!

To view and print the form you need Adobe Reader. You can download it for free from Adobe website.

You are welcome to come and observe our fencing classes before you decide to try it yourself!

Kids' classes

Is there a kid that doesn't like swordplay? Whether it's Star Wars, Zorro, samurai or Musketeers fencing is all about heroic combat, fancy moves and spectacular attacks and defenses. Most of all - IT IS FUN! Although fencing has hundreds years old tradition, it is still a novelty today which makes it so much more exciting and desirable than the popular youth sports.
Both boys and girls enjoy the dynamic, entertaining practice as they learn the basic rules of fencing - how to handle the saber, move, attack and defend against opponents, as well as the rules of scoring points during a bout. Part of each class is devoted to fencing itself when kids can challenge their classmates to supervised duels.
The beginner classes are designed for children ages 7 - 14. Younger kids may join the classes upon coach's approval. We provide the competition grade equipment, so all you need to start are sweats and gym shoes!
We offer a few different class options in an attempt to make fencing affordable to all the kids. If you would like to attend classes twice a week, the monthly fee is $160. It is $80 if you come once a week. If you cannot commit to any regular schedule, you may pay as you go - $20 for each class.


In recent years fencing becomes more and more popular. Many high schools have their own fencing teams who regularly compete against each other. Teen classes in our club provide the introduction to the sport for beginners as well as additional practice opportunity for those who are already fencing. Being a fencer comes with extra benefits. Not only you will have a new cool thing to brag about in your social circles, but you can get a shot at a scholarship to an Ivy League School! Our club has already sent 5 fencers to Princeton and many more to other prestigious universities!
We provide the equipment, so all you need is your gym outfit. Older teens (over 15) come to practice with adults, younger - with kids. Just as with the kids' classes, you may come twice a week ($160 per month), once a week ($80 per month) or pay as you go ($20 per class).


If you are looking for an active and exciting way to burn some energy and meet with new people, fencing may be just the right thing for you. You won't be disappointed to discover our sport! Adults' classFencing is centuries old but nowadays uses the most modern electronics to register the touches. It provides excellent workout for the entire body as well as a chance to play mind games with the opponents. Fencing is so much more entertaining than your average gym exercises but will leave you equally tired and energized.
We understand that all adults live busy life, so we do not require any commitment to regular schedule. You may attend classes once a week ($80/month) or just show up now and then and pay for each class individually ($20/class). We provide the equipment free of charge so just wear your workout clothes.
Give fencing a try and you will leave craving for more!

Advanced Fencers

This competitive program is for committed fencers who are willing to participate in tournaments and make fencing a part of their lives. Members of this program have open access to the club. They participate in a practice that is organized and supervised by the coaches. Advanced fencersThe program provides these fencers an opportunity to compete in the biggest tournaments in the country.

Advanced fencers can travel and explore new places, often making new friends from around the country. Some of our fencers have been recruited by and won scholarships to the best colleges and universities in the United States such as Princeton, Northwestern, UPenn or Notre Dame.

Group sessions focus on fencing fitness, competition strategy, judging bouts and, oh yes, FENCING. While this year-round program is billed monthly, advanced fencers are expected to make a commitment to participate for a minimum of twelve months. The monthly fee is $200.00 ($180.00 for PNA members).

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow a student to practice one on one with the coach. This is an ideal time to improve technique and learn new tactics. You work with the coach on development of your individual fencing style and receive specific advices regarding your game. That is why we find it a very important part of training. One lesson lasts 15 minutes and costs $20.00. You don't need to be a member of MFA to purchase private lessons with our coach! (non-members - $30.00 per lesson)

Open fencing

Open Fencing

On the Open Fencing day the door to our gym is open to everyone regardless of age or ability level. Whether you are a veteran who fought thousands of bouts or you've just started to fence recently, we invite you to join us! Bring your trusty saber or use ours if you don't have your own equipment. The fee is $30.00 for 2 hours. En garde! Ready? FENCE!

Drop-in program

This program is for intermediate and advanced fencers who are looking for some extra practice and sparring opportunities. You are welcomed to come and participate in the daily training with our members. The strip fee is $30.00 for a 2 hour practice. We encourage you to bring your own fencing equipment. If you want to fence, but cannot commit to a regular program, this is perfect for you!

Midwest Fencing Academy in Chicago - Schedule

Current Schedule

Kids' Class:

Tue, Thu   6pm - 7pm

Adults' Class:

Mon   6:15pm - 7pm

Advanced fencers:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu   7pm - 9pm
Fri   6:30pm - 8:30pm

Open fencing:

Fri   6:30pm - 8:30pm

Upcoming Events:

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